Types of Public Transportation

People have a lot to choose from when it comes to public transport. This is the way that most of the daily commuters travel from one place to another. It is through public transit that we can do our businesses, perform our daily pleasures and hobbies, go to work, and go back home.

Through the years, because of the evolution of technology and the availability of different resources that the government can use, a lot of forms of public transit can be utilized today. Just like when you are buying from online shops like Lazada and Zalora, you would want a variety of choices when you want to go from one area of the city to another.


One of the tried and tested forms of public transport is the bus. It is a robust vehicle that people use to travel long distances without having to spend too much on gas and fare. Since most buses travel only by its route, you will be able to save a lot of time and money when you choose a bus to go to a specific place. Buses are durable and can provide you with safety and security. Some buses in other countries have a designated lane for them. This lane is not being driven over by other vehicles which makes the commute so much faster.


tramAnother form of public transport is the tram. If you have been to an Amsterdam city trip, you may have seen one of these or you may have gone to a tram when you proceeded from one of your itineraries to another. This is a vehicle that looks like a trolley or a cart. It travels inside the city by running on tramway tracks. This form of public transport runs by electricity. It can transport large numbers of passengers and is usually lighter than your typical trains.


Another public transport vehicle that you can ride is the train. You can ride trains to avoid traffic or if you are going from one city to the next. It runs on a metal railway. It may pass within the road system of the city or it will be running on the side of the provinces or neighboring towns.