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Our website is heavily used by people who are on their daily commute from their homes to their offices or work sites. We are also being utilized by the majority of tourists who go to Brno during their vacation. They were, primarily, the people that we had in mind when we try to build a website for public transportation. Everyone who has access to the internet can go to our website and see traffic updates, different routes to take, and possibly public transportation methods to choose when you are going in and out of Brno.

Mobile Application

We are currently in the process of building a mobile application as a supplement to our site. We are inviting our website visitors to add the application on their mobile devices for their future use. The mobile app will revolutionize the way the people are traveling in Brno. From your office or home, you can designate the usual route to make it easy for your daily commute. You can set this as the default route which can be seen by the people that you add your list of contacts. We want to serve the people of Brno through our site. Public transportation is a great way for the people of any country to go from one place to another without the hassle of exerting too much time and energy to move. Public transportation provides a unique way for progressive countries to help their citizens by building infrastructures for people to be transported from one location to another. The government also produces methods, rules, and procedures for different public and private institutions to allow for governing of the vehicle owners used in public transportation.

Information Website

We are, first and foremost, an information website. We give accurate data to our website visitors regarding public transportation in the Brno region in the Czech Republic. Locals can depend on us to supply them with any changes that may occur during the implementation of new rules and amendments on the traffic rules in Brno. For tourists, you can use our website to educate yourself about the possible routes that you can take so that you can make your travel experience in the Czech Republic smooth and hassle-free. Use our website to make your commuting more efficient and more effective.

Routes and Directions

You can plan your routes using our website. We are constantly updating our database on the different routes to take for commuters in the Brno region. You can maximize the technology that we have on our website by using the list of alternative routes to take just in case there are inconveniences in our roads. Maximizing the information that we gather all year round will help our website visitors in plotting their public or private commute throughout the day. Making your travel convenient and without any problems are our top priorities. Try our website now and read our blogs to help you in your daily commute.

See this to know where you are at the moment. This is the safety feature that will protect you just in case of emergencies.


We want to raise awareness to the public about the importance of public transportation in our daily lives. This is why we are setting up events in various parts of the city to educate the public regarding public transportation. We go to different offices and other private establishments so that they can coordinate with the government and talk about the possible solutions to prevailing problems and issues that are currently happening in the city. We encourage everyone to attend one of these conferences for the sake of the people. We can help the government by speaking and communicating with public officials.